Top 20 NuGet vue Packages

X-Platform Web Application Framework
Desktop Assets, Vue and React Framework libraries, Bootstrap, Material Design SVGs, Font Awesome and Win32 APIs for ServiceStack CEF .NET Core Desktop Apps
Provides dev-time support for Vue CLI and other utilities for SPA scenarios.
Templates to use when creating an application for vuejs.
Templates to use when creating an application for element ui.
Templates to use when creating an application for element admin.
A high quality UI Toolkit built on Vue.js.
Helpers for building single-page applications on ASP.NET MVC Core.
Vue CLI middleware and helpers for building and serving single page applications on ASP.NET Core.
NuGet package for the developer's version of Vue.js 2.4.2 which comes with full warnings and debug mode.
Element, a Vue 2.0 based component library for developers, designers and product managers
A minimal template for Vue Js using Asp.Net 5
Common Utilities. Web Vue Helpers
Template integrating Vue.js with ASP.NET Core MVC application. Features Vue, Vuex, Vue router, TypeScript, Bulma, Sass and Webpack 4.
Vue.js integration for EPiServer CMS in .NET Standard
Vue.js Web Components integration for C# projects in .NET Standard
Vue binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Starter Template for ASP.NET Core and Vue.JS (Vue) Featuring: - Webpack (with HMR) - Web API - VueJS 2 - Vuex (state manangement) - Modern best-practices Brought to you by Consulting
From a command prompt, run: CMD> dotnet new --install IntelliTect.Coalesce.Vue.Template Make a new folder and open it in a command prompt CMD> dotnet new coalescevue [-n Optional.Name] If you don't specify a name, the template will infer one from the name of the folder you are in.