Top 20 NuGet volume Packages

Stock Indicators for .NET. Send in historical price quotes and get back desired technical indicators such as Stochastic RSI, Average True Range, Parabolic SAR, etc. Nothing more.
Engineering C# .NET Library for analyzing the ground beneath your feet! Follows "Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics" by the late Donald W. Taylor, MIT, 1962
A modeling of units of measures that does automatic conversion between units for any modeled quantity.
AudioSwitcher Core Audio Api. This includes all controllers and devices to access Windows System Devices and manipulate them. This library can be used on any PC running Windows Vista and above. Supports both x86/x64 runtimes.
Task scheduling for .NET: Azure Service Bus
An extensive measurement, unit, and data conversion library for .NET. var twoFeet = new Measurement(2, Units.Length.Feet); var twelveInches = new Measurement(12, Units.Length.Inches); var result = twoFeet + twelveInches; Console.WriteLine(result.GetValueAs(Units.Length.Yards)...
MvvmCross Plugin to handle the device's volume
Include Surface and Volume Calculation for 12 kinds geometric. 1.Annulus 2.Block 3.Cylinder 4.SegmentOfCylinder 5.Sphere 6.SphericalCap 7.Torus 8.TrapezoidalPrizm 9.TriangularPrism 10.TruncatedCone 11.TruncatedPyramid 12.EllipticalColumn
The Carl Zeiss PiWeb-Volume API allows to compress and store volumemetric data for visualization in PiWeb.
CHIMP volume watcher API
CHIMP volume watcher
AudioDeviceCmdlets is a suite of PowerShell Cmdlets to control audio devices on Windows
A class library containing interfaces, responses and exceptions to help build docker volume plugins with dotnet.
This library provides a variety of intuitive mathematics APIs.
RTToolkitSharp is a C# toolkit for radiation therapy.
AlphaVSS is a .NET class library providing a managed API for the Volume Shadow Copy Service also known as VSS.
This library allows for reading volumetric data sets stored in the dat/raw format, which consists of a textual description of the data format in the dat file and the raw voxel data in one or more raw files.
Unit converter including Height/ Length, Weight, Temperature, Data Storage, Data Transfer, Energy, Frequency, Fuel Economy, Plane Angle, Pressure, Quantity, Speed and Volume