Top 20 NuGet voip Packages

Provides audio and video encode and decode capabilities plus media end points that can be used with the main SIPSorcery real-time communications library.
Provides audio and video device access for Windows for use with the main SIPSorcery real-time communications library.
Package Description
Real-time communications library with full support for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and WebRTC. No wrappers and no native libraries required.
Don't reference this package unless you are building a media end point to work with the SIPSorcery real-time communications library. In most cases a concrete implementation package such as SIPSorceryMedia.Windows should be referenced.
ContactPoint IP Phone SIP client implementation
SignalWire development kit for operating with services.
Voice Elements makes it easy to build both traditional phone applications, SMS and WebRTC applications which provide all the functionality of your phone right into your browser. This allows you use any .NET language to bring your voice applications to life.
With Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK, you have the opportunity to make your own VoIP products, for instance a softphone or even your own PBX
Asterisk Management Interface (AMI) client library for .NET
Bandyer is an in-cloud collaborative solution for corporates, featuring a rich set of tools for enabling videoconferencing in your product. The BandyerSDK makes it easy to embed one to one, many to many high-quality voice and video calls into your mobile app, with a seamless integration with the and...
Nequeo VoIP Sip controls component
Nequeo VoIP PjSip controls component
With the help of OPS SDK and Ozeki Phone System XE you are free to build call assistants, call center clients, IVRs or any custom Voice or Messaging application.
A high-level SIP phone API for .Net powered by pjsip project
Voice2Phone Client to make outbound phone calls from your app.
Classified ads is a distributed internet messaging system that requires no server-side support of any kind. It allows users to post public and private messages, display basic details about themselves and do searches over data posted online. In practice it allows you to do about sam...
FreeSwitchSharp's Win64 Bits natible library bundle.
FreeSwitchSharp's Win32 Bits natible library bundle.
FreeSwitchSharp's Linux32 Bits natible library bundle.