Top 20 NuGet void Packages

Free yourself from async void! TaskMonitor is a task wrapper component helping you to deal with "fire and forget" Task (non awaited task) by implementing async/await best practices. Featuring: * Safe execution of your non awaited tasks * Delegates for all states of the loaded task * Builder patter...
Enables scoped completion tracking and error handling of tasks as an alternative to fire-and-forget and async void. Easy to produce and consume, and test-friendly.
Represents a type for the void keyword.
HTML Void Elements (html-void-elements) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Void Elements (void-elements) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Monads (Maybe, Either, State, Reader, Writer) and monad combinators (Sequence, Sequence_, ReplicateM, ReplicateM_, MapM, MapM_, FoldM, FoldM_, ZipWithM, ZipWithM_, ForM, FilterM, LiftM, LiftM2, LiftM3, LiftM4, LiftM5, Join, When, Unless, Forever, Void, Ap, Compose, Guard, MFilter, MSum) in C#
The unit type is a type that indicates the absence of a specific value. The unit type has only a single value, which acts as a placeholder when no other value exists or is needed.Is usable replacement System.Void as type argument and value, e.g. singleton empty record type or filler type.
Analyzer that warns about implicit async void delegates.