Top 20 NuGet vmware Packages

This package provides support for sending metrics, histograms and opentracing spans to Wavefront via proxy or direct ingestion.
The VMware Workspace ONE SDK for Xamarin allows you to integrate the Workspace ONE SDKs for iOS and Android into your Xamarin apps.
This package provides OpenTracing support for Wavefront.
This package provides support for reporting metrics recorded by App Metrics to Wavefront via proxy or direct ingestion.
VMware Workspace One Xamarin.Forms SDK allows App developers to integrate the Workspace One SDKs into their Xamarin.Forms applications get enterprise grade security, conditional access, and compliance capabilities to Xamarin-based mobile applications.
This library provides support for reporting out of the box metrics, histograms, and tracing spans from your ASP.NET Core Web API or MVC application. The data is reported to Wavefront via proxy or direct ingestion and will help you understand how your application is performing in production.
VMware vSphere 6 APIs for .NET Standard 2.0.
This library creates a facade to control different hypervisors with one interface.
Provides developers with libraries for Azure VMware Solution.
VMware vSphere 6 API Models for .NET Standard 2.0.
VMware vSphere 6 API client for .NET Standard 2.0.