Top 20 NuGet visual-studio Packages

Includes helpers for the Test Platform's modern functionality such as standardized fully qualified names and hierarchical test case names.
Embeds Visual Studio's editor and theming system in standalone projects.
Adds PowerShell functions to allow you to sign scripts and files using a code signing certificate.
StyleChecker is yet another code style checker and refactoring tool like FxCopAnalyzers, StyleCop Analyzers, SonarLint, Roslynator, and so on.
Excecutes commands on build.
This tool converts Visual Studio Code Snippets to: * Visual Studio Code Snippets * Jetbrains Rider Live Templates (experimental and limited) It can take individual Visual Studio snippets or a folder full of .snippet files, and create .code-snippets file with the snippets. In VS C...
Provides some custom utilities for .NET Core projects, including: attributes, azure, datetime, files, json, resources, convertions, crypto, enums, queries, stack trace, strings, testing, validations among others.
Provides middlewares, filters and utilities for managing .Net Core Web APIs including utilities Cors, Logging, Exceptions, Resources, Security, Startup Pipelines, Swagger, Validations.
A framework for Visual Studio custom debugging visualizers
Provides a codebaseline to implement a HttpClient calling a service that follows the Celerik Api Protocol. The protocol is simple: all http body responses have: Data, Message, MessageType and Success.
Add a Drop-Db command to the visual studio package manager
This nuget package adds a convention to Visual Studio projects to allow building .config files depending on environment. For example, if developers has different databases configured in web.config, this package can support each developer with a unique web.config.
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Due to the way they are stored, two floating-points numbers can have unexpected impercievable rounding errors and so may not be equal even if they seem so.
Debuggee-side components for Periscope, a framework for Visual Studio custom debugging visualizers