Top 20 NuGet validations Packages

A library for validating and generating credit card numbers. CreditCardValidator helps you implementing validations for the most common credit card brands, verifying length, prefixes and checking the card number through the Luhn algorithm if necessary.
This package contains parameter validation used by other CodeGator packages. Platforms supported: .NET Standard 2.0 or above
Flyweight C# library for your .NET Core Applications. You can use this library to perform commonly use conversions, validations, and other object helpers.
Validaciones para multi proveedores.
Validaciones para multi proveedores.
A validations library for automating both client-side and server-side validations. Sample usage: Add the validator attributes to the properties of the data record class. These defines the validation rules. public class Employee { [StringValidator("First Name", 5, 50, IsRequired = t...
Validaciones para multi proveedores.
This packge contains some useful tools such as: - String Extensions - Date Extensions (new) - List Extensions - Enum Extensions - Type Converters - Generics Conversion - Json serializer and converter - Password generator - Validations - Helpers - Read text from file (new) - ...
Util.CodeHelpers.Extensions is a .NET multi-target class library (.NET Standard 2.0/2.1) that can be used in projects with any .NET implementation, like .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono, Xamarin, etc., to provide common code validations like null-checks, type conversions and more, enhancing productiv...
.NET package to check the password strength of a certain passphrase. A password strength checker based from RegEx (Regulax Expression).
A package containing several validations related utilities.
MVVM Framework for WPF
Is an Open Source and Free Software package to facilitate dealing with File properties, It supports all .NET Core versions as well as .NET Framework 4.6.1+
prmToolkit É um projeto responsável por dar apoio a outros projetos. # ArgumentsValidator Classe responsável por gerenciar validações de argumentos. VANTAGENS >Podemos realizar validações indivíduais ou em grupos >É possível levantar uma exceção ou captura-las
Extensions to System.Object for inline validations against various rules.
Contém um helper que facilita o desenvolvimento. - .Net Framework 3.5+
Model validations helper for aspnetcore. Allows you to have validations set in places such as your business logic with the help of NetCore.ModelValidation.Core nuget
AspNetCore Extension of Mobiroller Model Validations.
Package with useful validations
Core functionality to handle model validation. Allows you to add and list errors mapped to objects and its fields