Top 20 NuGet usercontrol Packages

The Dennkind Framework library provides animated frame and navigation controls for WPF applications.
WPF Sharp's additional controls.
User control that allow put on your Windows Form application a 'navigation tree' like Wordpress admin panel or bootstrap navigation menu
This is control for Windows Forms, which allows to select colors to create gradients.
This library provides simple ui usercontrols for wpf.
Easy neural network visualizer winform .Net usercontrol
Package Description
This library integrates ServiceBridge with ASP.NET web pages and user controls.
A wizard control for WinForms applications. Yes, some people still code for WinForms! :)
RDLCPrinter is a library for RDLC LocalReport. You can use by exemple with SQL Server dataset. With RDLCPrinter, you can export report. A Powerfull WPF Preview control it's also include. RDLCPrinter, This powerful class encapsulates a LocalReport with a lot of functionnality (ex: export to pdf, p...
An alternative to the C# TabControl.
A rotary wheel user control for Windows UWP Applications.
Check Combo Box is a user control combo box in which the items in the dropdown are preceded by a checkbox. As items are checked or unchecked, the Text property displayed above the dropdown is updated
Joystick UserControl for UWP apps
ASP.NET user control for uploading files asynchronously using update panels in web forms and without the need of triggers