Top 20 NuGet unit-tests Packages

Transforms XML from trx-Testresults to JUnit-Testresults / trx to JUnit XML
A small .NET Standard library for writing well-structured, clear-cut 3A tests.
Power tools for API testing in .NET.
A dotnet CLI tool for running tests in multiple projects
Community extensions for NUnit
### RavenDb Testing power tools - RavenDbTestBase to remove the large amount of test code ceremony. - Quick access to multiple Document Sessions. - Indexes are always indexed before any queries can be executed. ------------------------------------------------ There is a fair bit of ceremony requir...
LogoFX Client Mvvm Tests NUnit containing facilities for writing client tests which use NUnit as test provider.
Contains wrapper for nunit for easy switch between unit test frameworks. This package is aimed to support enterprise level automation where switching between unit test framework is big issue. By wrapping unit test assertion you are able to treat your assertion as interface and seamlessly move from...
Small header-only library for better integration of GoogleTest into TeamCity. Large portions of this code are based on work by JetBrains: This package does not have a formal dependency to any googleTest nuget package. However, you need googleTest in order ...
AutoObjectBuilder.Net is an open source project designed to assist with Unit testing by automatically building simple and complex object graphs with predictable test data..
A collection of helper classes to aide in testing .NET applications
A micro-framework for unit testing class and type declarations.
Provides definitions for test assemblies.
Creates data fixtures