Top 20 NuGet unique Packages

Provides functionality to generate a 'device ID' that can be used to uniquely identify a computer.
Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net
A .Net ULID implementation
Fast MAC address vendor lookup library. Uses Wireshark's manufactures database of OUIs (Organizationally Unique Identifier).
A .NET Standard library which Generates Random Password with using alphabets(Upper&Lower case), numbers, and special characters. as well as you can configure as per your password policy/requirement, like exclude and include numbers/special/alphabets characters.
Ported from - A fast, low allocation, zero config, thread-safe 12 byte UUID generator based on the Mongo Object Id algorithm.
Provides functionality to generate a 'device ID' that can be used to uniquely identify a computer. on linux os , must be install dmidecode package boefore use this.
Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net Core
Create human-readable Ids, just like Gfycat. Use the default format of VerbAdjectiveAnimal or a custom format of your choosing.
MoreComplexDataStructures is a class library containing a collection of data structures (plus related utility classes) more complex than those found in the standard .NET framework. The project currently contains the following data structures and utility classes... WeightBalancedTree<T> - A weight-...
This package provides tools for ID management. Auto-increment IDs reveal sensitive information. UUIDs (also known as GUIDs) are inefficient as primary keys in a database. Having two different IDs is cumbersome and counterintuitive. - For a 96-bit UUID replacement that is *efficient as a primary ke...
Simple but flexible and powerful utility for generating random names: - human-like, e.g. Jim Deam, Henrie Avdeev, Lanita Leutbecher - or github/docker style identifiers, like sympathetic_alligator, UnsuitedHistorian, Psychedelic-FundRaiser - or anything in between, like Bob_The_Builder, Well-dresse...
Contains many exception classes for common basic errors. Clear messages, concise syntax, strongly-typed, good performance. Generates messages like "myParent.MyChildren[0].MyProperty is null.", "height of 2 is less than 10.", "Customer with key { customerNumber = 1234, customerType = Subscriber } not...
This package provides Azure-implementations for the Architect.Identities package. This package allows Azure blob storage to be used as the synchronization mechanism for assigning unique IDs to each application instance.
Unique Random (unique-random) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Array Unique (array-unique) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net
.Net ULID implementation. Sources package.
A unique id generator for .NET and Fable, using timestamp plus random data, with multiple strength and precision options. Flexible alternative to UUID/GUID.
Unified algorithm support for indexed .NET collections.