Top 20 NuGet unicorn Packages

This library contains some simple error classes for a consistent way to handle errors in a NancyFX application.
An NLog target for the Bugsnag error reporting SaaS. NLog: Bugsnag:
Unicorn.Bootstrap is a utility for Sitecore that will utilise Unicorn 3 ( to auto-sync items into your Sitecore solution at startup time. Purpose is to be able to install Sitecore modules via a NuGET repository, without the need for further package installation.
A simple Ftp library which includes an interface and a simplified api. It's easy to think this is just a glorified wrapper around WebClient ... but it's actually useful!
This library is a simple wrapper over some common Google Maps or Google Places 'Web Services' API. It's ment to provide a quick and convenient way to query the specific Google Api's.
Format Unicorn (format-unicorn) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A mediator to validation OpenRealEstate instances.
These are the services which encapsulate the main business logic of the OpenRealEstate library. This pacakge is where all the magic happens :)
Claims based security is the new black. So to keep things simple, most web applications require some common user data whenever they sign in to a web application! So that is what this package does. Making your web application Identity coding-life simpler.
A powershell script to help developers package and publish NuGet specifications. It looks for any/all nuspec files in a directory and packages them then publishes them to the designated feed. Can be used to copy them toa local directory for localhost-testing (before any pushes up to a live feed).
Some simple System.Net.Http.HttpClient helpers to help with your unit tests or when you don't really want to call the endpoint.
Idiomatic Unicorn bindings for .NET
MSBuild extension that allows to execute Unicorn sync.