Top 20 NuGet umbracocms Packages

Contains validation attributes to decorate your classes, but using umbraco dictionary as the resource.
Add workflow functionality to Umbraco.
The Umbraco.Tests.dll and pdb files, built from the UmbracoCMS source code. Theres a daily check for a new version(Umbraco.Version) using appveyors cron job
Manage large datasets in Umbraco.
A property editor for toggling the display state of Nested Content items
Add pre-publishing checks to Umbraco.
Icon picker for Umbraco >= 7.4.0
This package adds a new section to your Umbraco installation which allows you to view your Google Analytics statistical information directly inside Umbraco, without having to open a new tab or window.
Wrapper for Umbraco's PhysicalFileSystem that commits files to a git repo on save as well.
uSync content mapper for DIS/PLAY Umbraco Embedded Content.
Adds a rich text area field type to Umbracos forms. This rich text area settings can be changed using the Forms RTE data type.
Our.Shield.Core is the Framework for Our.Shield Security package for the Umbraco Cms
An app plugin to Our.Shield.Core Umbraco Cms package to handle restricting access to the backoffice via a white-list of IP address(es)
An Umbraco property that uses document types for content blocks.
Create multiple pages with realistic test content by just using the Umbraco interface
Simple analytics for Umbraco.
Create multiple pages with realistic test content by just using the Umbraco interface
Companion library for UmbracoCMS.Core.CleanApi - All the Power of UmbracoCMS without the debris of the FULL Umbraco CMS
Umbraco DB Sync is a simple package that will allow you to sync documents and properties to tables and rows in a SQL Database (via Entity Framework). This can be helpful if you want to keep the data in Umbraco but also need to keep a SQL Database up-to-date. The synchronization is controlled via ...
Save 400kb by avoiding backoffice webfonts