Top 20 NuGet ubuntu Packages

A Swig-generated C#/NET wrapper of LLVM-C for Windows 10 (x64), Ubuntu 16.04 (x64).
This package contains the native runtime of Emgu CV for Ubuntu
Create Debian and Ubuntu installers (.deb files ) of your .NET Core projects straight from the command line. Once you've installed this package as a .NET CLI tool, run dotnet deb to generate a .deb file which contains the publish output of your .NET Project. See
Ubuntu Landscape API Client Package. An example can be found here: If you have issues then please enter it here: Source code is available at the github. See the link above! Con...
Bifröst is a project for developers who want to write .NET Core 2 applications that use IoT devices, and want to target Ubuntu and Windows with the same code.
Xwt Widget Library (DockPanel,PropertyGrid)
Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Core native runtime for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
This Cake module adds support for the APT package manager when installing tools in your Cake build scripts.
Msbuild targets to compile and build VcxProjs using GCC with dotnet in Windows and Linux. With this tool nuget package you can target any build server and your .sln just works fine.
RDKit c sharp wrapper for Ubuntu 18_04. Supports ubuntu.18.04-x64 only. Compiled using dotnet core 2.2.402 RDKit branch 2019_09 Does not include PropertyPickleOptions (wrapper broken for this class) Requires apt-get install build-essential libboost-all-dev libz-dev libbz2-dev
Paste text content with Unix like line endings into Windows Terminal without line breakings
This tool deploys your application to a remote computer (usually a Linux device, like a Raspberry Pi)