Top 20 NuGet typeconverter Packages

TimeSpan type converters.
TypeConverter is a lightweight, portable class library which allows to convert between objects of different types. This library is shipped with some basic sample converters, however, you are free to write your own type converters and register them in the IConverterRegistry.
The Swiss Army Knife for type conversion. Convert any type to another compatible type without worrying about which method to use.
NRecoFramework: commons library for delegate adapters (partial delegate application, lazy delegate proxy), runtime type converters (adapters for collections, lists, dictionaries), lambda parser.
Ccr.Xaml package for custom Xaml collection types, dependency property propogation, Xaml MarkupExtension Singleton providers, custom Resource Dictionary scoping, Fluent, genericbinding ValueConverters, and Xaml TypeConverter injection.
A Machine.Fakes context configuration which simplifies testing of AutoMapper TypeConverter<TSource, TDestination> classes
Inspections. Domain objects. Shipping models (parcels, containers). Fast thread-safe cache. Support for cryptographic salted hashes. Universal date and time support. Enumeration type converter. Validator extensions. Data randomizer for codes, passwords, numbers, booleans, emails, URLs and names. [co...
A simple and userful object that stores data in a dictionary and has lots of safe type conversion capabilities.
**This has been merged** Try -- Case Insensitive Enum Value Converter enables enum values to be case-insensitive in configuration sectionis from App.config or Web.config
**This has been merged** Try -- Comma Delimited List Value Converter enables comma delimited string values to be a list in configuration sectionis from App.config or Web.config
This provides a converter library that converts configuration value to enum or list. It is a consolidated version of: - - If you want to find an individual lib...
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