Top 20 NuGet tungsten Packages

Tungsten.Suite is a nuspec only package. It aggregates the most Tungsten packages available for each framework into one package.
Tungsten.Net makes it easy to add tcp sockets to your application. Client and server classes are provided, with and without assymetric encryption. Note that the secure classes always use RSA for encryption; no symmetric session key is exchanged. For larger data sets, this can make the secure class...
Named pipe wrappers to simplify named-pipe use in your application. PipeClient for clients and PipeServer for single-instance servers. As pipes must have a server for each connected client, PipeHost will host multple PipeServers with the same pipe name.
Tungsten is a C# library of classes to make application development easier
Tungsten.Net.RPC is a client/server solution for invoking methods on a server. Communications are made over the port you specify. RPC methods on the server are created by attributing classes and methods with the [RPCClass] and [RPCMethod] attributes. Clients make calls by passing in the method na...
Tungsten.Property is a class which implements IPropertyChangedNotifier. PropertySlim is a lightweight version of Property and can be used in simpler scenarios (where ownership isn't necessary)
Tungsten.Lockable is a class which supports thread-safe access to an underlying value
Tungsten.Threading.Lockers provides classes which support resource locking (MonitorLocker, ReaderWriterLocker, SemaphoreLocker and SpinLocker).
Tungsten.Threading provides a Thread.Sleep method and ThreadMethod class which makes creating a background thread (long running task) easy.
Tungsten.Logging provides basic support for logging. Handle the W.Logging.Log.LogTheMessage event to provide additional logging options. W.Logging.LogMessageHistory class can be instantiated to maintain an in-memory history of messages.
Tungsten.From complements Tungsten.As by providing FromBase64 and FromCompressed
Tungsten.EventTemplate is a class which makes exposing and raising an event somewhat easier
Tungsten.Encryption provides a class for RSA encryption and MD5 password hashes
Tungsten.Console provides several string extension methods to send strings to the console.
Tungsten.CallResult is a class which can be used as a return value to specify a success/fail, an exception if on ocurred, and a result
Tungsten.As provides extension methods for quick conversions (As<T>, AsBase64, AsBytes, AsCompressed, AsString).
Tungsten.ArrayMethods provides additional functionality for arrays (Peek, Take, Trim, Append, Insert)
Tungsten.Domains makes it easy to implement reloadable AppDomains
Tungsten.Firewall is a minimal library, using NetFwTypeLib, to add and remove Windows firewall rules. Note that your application will need administrative rights to add/remove firewall rules.
Tungsten.InterProcess is a utility library for using WM_COPYDATA to send messages to other Winforms applications