Top 20 NuGet trim Packages

Automatically trims whitespace from product images, leaving only a specified margin around the object. Uses sobel energy analysis and adjustable thresholding for great accuracy. URL commands: &trim.threshold=80, &trim.percentpadding=1 Docs: Suppo...
Trim binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A library to make common string functions easier, such as trimming, wrapping, pluralizing, and much more.
A string library that includes common string extensions, improvements to Trim, such as middle trim with TrimAll, etc.
Collection of ASP.NET Core MVC model binders and various MVC extensions.
Video cropping library with trimming and opportunity to choose different aspect ratio types
Xamarin.Forms Library that targets Android and iOS, to trim videos
Converter that trim a string
Extension methods for System.Text.StringBuilder.
Extension to String class that makes it easier to do some common jobs as calculate Levenshtein distance between with another string, check if string contains at least one value from an array, check if ends with at least one value from an array, get the file extension of a filename, compute the hash ...
Provides functionality to improve the ergonomics of dealing with primitives such as strings and timestamps in the core framework.