Top 20 NuGet trigger Packages

Installs CrystalQuartz panel (pluggable Quartz.NET viewer) to .NET Core or .NET Standard application (web or self-hosted) that uses AspNetCore environment.
Business Entity Execution Framework (Beef) Events framework.
KnightBus Chron Scheduler
Advanced HTML5 mobile development framework and SDK. Build incredible mobile apps with web technologies you already know and love. Best friends with AngularJS.
Supports events for entity inserting, inserted, updating, updated, deleting, and deleted. Also events on insert failure, update failure, and delete failure.
Picovoice is an end-to-end platform for building voice products on your terms. It enables creating voice experiences similar to Alexa and Google. But it entirely runs 100% on-device. Picovoice is: - Private: Everything is processed offline. Intrinsically HIPAA and GDPR compliant. - Reliable: Runs w...
Installs CrystalQuartz panel (pluggable Quartz.NET viewer) to any application (web or self-hosted) that uses OWIN environment.
Porcupine is a highly-accurate and lightweight wake word engine. It enables building always-listening voice-enabled applications. Porcupine is: - using deep neural networks trained in real-world environments. - compact and computationally-efficient making it perf...
A library for running tasks on schedules.
Installs CrystalQuartz panel (pluggable Quartz.NET viewer) using remote scheduler provider. Note that you should set remote scheduler URI after the installation.
Installs CrystalQuartz panel (pluggable Quartz.NET viewer) using simple scheduler provider. This approach is appropriate for scenarios where the scheduler and a web application works in the same AppDomain.
Chroniton is a light-weight, fully customizable, fully integrable, strongly typed, and open source solution for scheduling Tasks.
Connect your Azure Function to your Mqtt broker! This package enables you to: * Trigger an Azure Function based on a MQTT Subscription * Publish a message to a MQTT topic as a result of an Azure Function. For more information, please visit
This plugin has the option to show all available messages, as well as filter entities and messages based on the ones currently in use. It filters out system subscribers so as to not fill the interface with uninteresting subscribers.
Use cron expression to setup job execution times
Here are some Game-Timers to reduce boilerplate code in your games...
An implementation of the triggers functionality that was available in Silverlight but is missing WinRT XAML. Supports event and property based triggers with storyboard, state and command actions. Actions can have conditions applied to them so they only fire under certain conditions.
XperiAndri.Interactivity.Orientation is a trigger and triggered action which together allows to switch visual states depending on device orientation without writing any line of code.
WPF interactivity trigger, running actions when swipe and/or tap gestures are detected.
jQueryDOM simplifies responding to DOM changes by firing extra events when such changes occur. By default there is no way to know if, for example, an element has been appended without polling for HTML code changes; with jQueryDOM it becomes as simple as .on("DOMAppend",function() {}). It has only a ...