Top 20 NuGet transition Packages

Xamarin.Android bindings for AndroidX - transition artifact=androidx.transition:transition artifact_versioned=androidx.transition:transition:1.4.1
Xamarin.Forms plugin for iOS/Android to enable Shared Transition animations between two pages. A shared element transition determines how elements that are present in two pages transition between them. For example, an image that is displayed on both Page A and Page B, transitions from A to B when B ...
Transitionable routes for Blazor and Razor Components
Package Description
Package Description
Blazor injectable Services and wrapper Components to notify on CSS Transition and Animation events. Part of Majorsoft Blazor library.
Provides a transition component which allows to add entering/leaving transitions for any element or component.
Best with various WinForm transitions. C# WinForm Transition Library - Harley
Xamarin.iOS bindings for Hero library (visual transition helper).
Signed Xamarin Android Support Library - Transition assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
Motion UI is a standalone Sass library for creating CSS transitions and animations from your friends at ZURB. Originally integrated into Foundation for Apps, the code is now a standalone library, and is used by Foundation for Sites and Foundation for Apps. This package contains the full Sass librar...
[DEPRECATED] This library is deprecated. Please use the normal StateMachine instead which is fully tested and being actively maintained. This project implements a Finite-State-Machine (FSM) designed to be used in games. Furthermore it implements eve...
Navigation pattern like in Google News Stand App with transitions for Xamarin.Android
Xamarin.Android Binding for AndKulikov's Transitions-Everywhere, a set of extra transitions on top of AndroidX Transitions Library.
A library for animated UI transitions for .NET.
Simple but powerful hierarchical state machine library
This project implements a Finite-State-Machine (FSM) as a PCL (portable class library) designed to be used in games. Furthermore it implements even a Stack-Based-FSM (SBFSM). So you may tell it to 'continue with the last state before the active one'. You describe your FSM using a nice and well...
A portable animation library
A lightweight and easy to use Android library that provides many activity transition animations.
A wrapper for the stateless library to add conditions, persistency and actions to classes.