Top 20 NuGet timespan Packages

The Coding4Fun Toolkit has multiple controls and useful items for XAML based applications.
Library to extend the functionality of the TimeSpan structure to be comparable, serializable, and convertible. It also supports localized string formatting and parsing so a TimeSpan can be represented by something like "3 days, 2 hours, 19 minutes" instead of "3:02:19:00".
Implements a simple set of helpers to handle EPOCH timestamps in .NET
A tiny c# utility for calculating work days and work time. The code is written in .NET C#. The tool is useful for calculate difference between two dates of workdays, to plan projects excluding holidays and absences. Is also a simple starting-point to addons to estimate the date of the end of ...
The Coding4Fun Toolkit has multiple controls and useful items such as a GzipWebClient and Audio Recorder for XAML based applications. This is the complete version which includes the network, storage wrappers, controls, and audio helper libraries.
A small library to handle ISO8601 durations (e.g. P1Y for 1 year, PT2H30M for 2 hours and 30 minutes) in C#.
Provides extensions for TimeSpan. Added new TimeValue Week, Year, Decade and Century.
A user type convention which sets custom type to NullableTimeType
An IUserType for Nullable<TimeSpan>
A set of useful converters for JSON.NET.
SwissKnife is a RadaCode's collection of C# classes that facilitate the overall development and help with stuff like HTML removal, random name and number generation, etc.
Human friendly, textual representations of TimeSpan and file size using standard .NET types. It is light-weight, tested and supports PCL.
This project implements a Finite-State-Machine (FSM) as a PCL (portable class library) designed to be used in games. Furthermore it implements even a Stack-Based-FSM (SBFSM). So you may tell it to 'continue with the last state before the active one'. You describe your FSM using a nice and well...
A small .NET library for reading plain English text and converting it to a TimeSpan
Library for work with Time spans
Unix time stamp converter for Json.NET
Perform set operations like difference, union and intersection on list of timeslots, modeled as a pair of Timespans - one for the time past some reference point in time when the slot opens and the other for how long the slot stays open
A fluent interface in .NET for working with dates and times, inspired by ActiveSupport's time extensions.
Working with dates and time in .NET works great, but I feel it could be more natural to work with them. new DateTime(2000, 6, 3) is less natural than 3.June(2000), isn't it?
Timely (or Timely Extensions) is a small Library that gives you some shortcuts for Dates and TimeSpan. With these you can do stuff like "15.February(1996)" or "16.Minutes() + 20.Seconds()".