Top 20 NuGet threadpool Packages

Exposes .NET core runtime metrics (GC, JIT, lock contention, thread pool, exceptions) using the prometheus-net package.
Nelibur.Sword is a library to take with you in the battle of Clean Code.
Exposes .NET core runtime metrics (GC, JIT, lock contention, thread pool) using the App.Metrics package.
Collection of useful classes for your .NET application: Object Pool, Thread Pool, Queue Async Processor, BlockingQueue, DiskQueue, ThreadSetManager, Throttling, Semaphore, EntryCounteringEvent, Collections, ReadOnlyCollections, IoC, WeakEvent and other.
a generic object pool, with a generic thread pool based on the object pool
Supplementary attributes package for use with Hudl.Mjolnir.
Exposes .NET core runtime metrics (GC, JIT, lock contention, thread pool) using the AppMetrics package.
A library for object and collection pooling and various other things. Documentation is found on the project site.
Just a bunch of C# .NET classes and extension methods I find useful.
Android com.aliyun.iot.aep.sdk:threadpool for Xamarin.Android
A framework to easily create threads to run tasks Synchronously or Asynchronously. To get started write a class that derives from AThreadTask. From there override the PerformTask(object parameter) method. In this method, write the code you would like to have ran in it's own thread. The value you...
An instanced, dedicated ThreadPool for eliminating "noisy neighbor" problems on the CLR ThreadPool
A direct reimplementation of SmartThreadPool in .NET Standard that keeps 100% of the public API.
This is a common thread pool framework for all applications
Alternative thread pool scheduler
Library for multithreading with focus on enabling easy multithreading and events at every stage of the multithreading.