Top 20 NuGet testdata Packages

The Tynamix ObjectFiller.NET fills the properties of your objects with random data. Use it for unittest, prototyping and whereever you need some random testdata. It has a fluent API and is highly customizable. It supports also IEnumerables and Dictionaries and constructors WITH parameters. It is als...
Simple library for creating fake data
.NET classes that provides swedish personal identity numbers test data
A library for generating fake data e.g. for authoring tests, for preparing software demos or for creating screenshots. It includes generators such as Lorem text, Addresses, Company, PhoneNumber, Job Titles, etc. It comes with support for 51 locales out of the box and can be extended with custom loca...
SuperMassive is a small condensed framework of reusable .NET components and utility classes. It's your supermassive swiss army knife.
CSV Data Provider for CherrySeed
Entity Framework Repository for CherrySeed
Gherkin Data Provider for CherrySeed
SpecFlow Data Provider for CherrySeed
Seeding data from any source to any destination
TestData for the Snapshark Tests
Provides a simple means to generate random strings and sentances for test data Usage instructions can be found at
Programmer interface for datasets. Source is here -
Web api support for test-data data-sets. Source is here -
Adds file support for TestData.Interface. Source is here -
Generate test data
Test Data Generation Library
Test Data Generation