Top 20 NuGet temporary Packages

The SqlCe TempDb implementation
The LocalDb TempDb implementation
A base package for PeanutButter.TempDb.* packages. This provides the generic TempDb base class
The Sqlite TempDb<> implementation
The MySql TempDb<> implementation, using Oracle's MySql.Data connector
The MySql TempDb<> implementation, using MySqlConnector
Temporary Redis server using whatever redis is available on the local machine
Contains classes simplifying working with temporary in-memory and file streams. TemporaryFile encapsulates a temporary file, manages filename and makes sure to delete the file when done. A TemporaryStream maintains content in-memory if below a threshold size limit, and switches to a TemporaryFile wh...
Temporary email library for .NET (wrapper) based on API
Library to create a temporary database that can be used for testing and then dropped once the tests are complete
Simple API wrapper for
This package provides the Bud.TmpDir class. This class is disposable. It creates a temporary directory and deletes it on disposal.
Simple API wrapper for
Simple API wrapper for
NFile Library (Files, Folders)
A .NET library that periodically cleans up a folder.