Top 20 NuGet tail Packages

A file/stream reader that is designed to iterate over a file or a stream line by line in reverse order in a way that does not read all of the lines into memory at one time. This supports .NET Standard, the full framework as well as the Windows Universal Platform (UWP) apps.
Lightweight and performant immutable linked list data structure for .NET
Add tail. optimization to recursive calls
Baretail - A free real-time log file monitoring tool
Want to see what your console app is doing or your website without having to RDP into the server. Or have a constant connection to PowershellRemoting? Now, you can View what is going real time. Distribute your link to your team mates and start seeing problems before operations gives you the...
Extensibility library for Tail.
Add tail. optimization to recursive calls
Base on C#: A Method for Tail Call Recursion by StormySpike[].