Top 20 NuGet tabbedpage Packages

A Xamarin CustomRenderer that render Icon for TabbedPage for iOS & Android, using Icon property on child pages. Use IconTabbedPage class instead of TabbedPage class, and add the name of your static image resource on the "Icon" property of your childs pages, eg. "user_icon.png", and it will be load...
Create vector based font icons for TabbedPages and Labels. Using vector based font icons removes the need to scale images. FontAwesome, IonIcons, FoundationIcons, and Themify Icon keys included.
XamJam's Nav component for model-view-based navigation in root, tabbed, and navigation page schemes (or combinations thereof).
A TabbedPage for xamarin.forms supporting UI virtualization, a uniform 'More' view on all platforms, and the possibility to be pushed on the navigation stack.
Full customizable TabbedPage control for Xamarin.Forms.
Xamarin Forms Tabbed page or view. Xam.TabView Features - Tab Header Customization (Header Height/Color/Content). - Tab Contet Page/View customization. - Tab Header Positioning (Top/Bottom) - Tab Page/Content change events.