Top 20 NuGet sum Packages

Parallel high performance cross-platform C#/.NET algorithms. 28+ algorithms with familiar interfaces and examples. Multi-core and data parallel (SIMD/SSE). Open source and free. See project Readme, blog, and videos...
ILGPU Algorithms library for high-level GPU programming. Samples can be found in the GitHub repository:
Portable library for easy to use F#-like Discriminated Unions in C#. Implicitly casts objects into OneOf instances, then use .Match extension to do pattern matching. Designed as a partial drop in replacement for OneOf.
1.Add Data Row Range. 2.Remove Data Row Select. 3.Group By Aggregation (Sum,Count,Avg, Max, Min). 4.DataTable to XML Document. 5.DataTable to XML File. 6.Sum,Count,Avg, Max, Min. 7.NativeGroupAggregation
Biblioteca com operações matemáticas de teste.
Check Sum (check-sum) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Library helps to add two numbers
Contains the attributes for the nuget package CSharpDiscriminatedUnion
ILGPU Lightning library for high-level GPU programming. Samples can be found in the GitHub repository:
Package Description
Heterogeneous collections for F#. Using heterogeneous collections, it's possible to act on arbitrary sum and product types in a generic way.
TeqCrate is a type-safe datatype-generic programming library for F#. It offers a type-safe and extensible way to inspect, decompose and create values for various kinds of common F# and .NET types.
Library to make simple operations
T4DU is a T4 template that generates discriminated cases for your C# projects.
Some discriminated unions for C♯ 8.
Get the sum of two numbers
Creates discriminated unions in C#. Define a template for a discriminated union and the appropriate code will be generated.
Test library for nuget package
Creating for testing Purpose