Top 20 NuGet sugar Packages

Package to assist in boilerplate of repositories and predicate building with filter objects
Shortcut to throw exceptions to make defensive programming fun and more effective. Non intrusive.
Destructuring extension methods for awesome C#
Sugar is a Javascript library that extends native objects with helpful methods. It is designed to be intuitive, unobtrusive, and let you do more with less code.
Syntax-honeyed .NET reflection
Provides a bit of C# syntactic sugar
Sugar binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Syntactic sugar for C#
Extension methods for .NET projects
A repackage of Rob Conery's Sugar, a set of Extension Methods for making C# development a little easier. The original package placed the files in App_Code. I wanted it to work well with all project types so I built it into a .dll and packaged it.
Provides simple syntactic sugar for the .NET library.
Syntactic Sugar for C#
.NET 4.0+