Top 20 NuGet subscriptions Packages

WebSockets transport for subscriptions
Package Description
Ivvy.Subscriptions makes it easy to consume subscription notification messages from the iVvy platform.
Client implementation to support generated GraphQL query execution as queries, mutations or subscriptions.
Query builder project to support linq alike defined GraphQL queries/mutations.
A set of abstractions to help make builder and client projects modular and testable.
Useful extensions to C# objects and classes in WPF (MVVM extensions).
MsSql subscriptions implementation for SimpleEventStore.
Abstract subscriptions for SimpleEventStore.
In-app purchase platform based on Ethereum blockchain.
Useful extensions to C# objects and classes (MVVM).
Provides Entity Framework implementation for repositories of DevAccelerate Subscriptions.
Provides interfaces for implementing subscription models for SaaS apps.
A facade library for DevAccelerate ASP.NET Identity and DevAccelerate Subscriptions.
Paymentwall is the leading digital payments platform for globally monetizing digital goods and services. Paymentwall assists game publishers, dating sites, rewards sites, SaaS companies and many other verticals to monetize their digital content and services. Merchants can plugin Paymentwall's API to...
Publish and Subscribe to Azure ServiceBus Topics using a simple API. Use the PublicationManager of T (ideally, T should be either string or byte[].) Use PublicationResourceManager to list and delete resources (entities like topics, subscription) Requires an Azure ServiceBus Account that supports T...
A facade library that simplifies security APIs. It works on top of DeAaccelerate Idenitty and DevAccelerate Enterprise Security.
Subscriptions repository - handles subscription registration and also receipt of webhook events to update local application cache For details on how to use this package see the ReadMe file that is part of this repository.
A set of services around managing MonJob subscriptions
Entity Framework implementation of DevAccelerate EnterpriseSecurity library.