Top 20 NuGet subscriber Packages

Support libraries for using RabbitMQ as Publisher / Subscriber for .Net Core
Support libraries for using redis as repository from 2nd cache
Kharazmi.MessageBroker is is a message-based distributed application framework.
Update package for umbraco CMS v8.4.1 * Umbraco Forms v8.1.2 * Mailchimp Integration WorkflowType
The opc-ua-pubsub-dotnet client is a library which implements OPC UA PubSub communication via MQTT protocol in a simplified way. It's not offering the full flexibility of OPC UA PubSub, but it supports encoding and decoding of all data types which are used by Siemens SICAM A8000 and SICAM Gri...
A fast and light-weight implementation of the observer pattern that supports synchronous and asynchronous invocation and/or subscribers. A potential replacement for regular .NET events.
Task scheduling for .NET: Azure Service Bus
A very simple stream processing library.
The goal of pServiceBus(Phoenix Service Bus) is to provide an API and Service Components that would make implementing an ESB Infrastructure in your environment easy. It's developed in C#, and also have API written for Javascript, Java, and Objective-C Clients.
ASP .NET Core Extensions for DipSocket, a lightweight publisher / subscriber implementation using WebSockets.
Simple Event Bus Library for NetStandard. Based on @songdongsheng EventBus
Umbraco Forms Mailchimp Integration WorkflowType
A lightweight publisher / subscriber implementation using WebSockets.
Common Subscriber is used to subscribe to RabbitMQ exchanges.
Simple EventBus Class Library
Intent Esb Client Library
Publisher-subscriber (pub/sub) pattern implementation
This contains interfaces and helper classes for applying C# patterns to your own code. Commonly Used Types: - IBuilder - ISubscriber - Observable - Unsubscriber