Top 20 NuGet struct Packages

Client to connect to Struct PIM Api
Models used by the Struct PIM Api
Implementation in C# of LINQ concept with struct. Extension support for BCL containers
This library implements Kaitai Struct API for C#.
Implementation in C# of LINQ concept with struct
Provides an almost drop-in replacement for String, with allocation-free substring/split methods, along with a ToStringCached() extension method that can be used on StringBuilders, ValueStrings and so on.
C# enum(like) with non-integer type casts (by source generator)
Extended collection of packages that provide common structures, extensions, and helpers that can be used across many libraries, and applications.
Ref Struct (ref-struct) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Ever needed to cast one struct to another, or pull a struct out of a byte array without a lot of work or unsafe code? I have too, so I made PODcaster. It can cast between individual elements as well as to and from array sections.
Analyzer forbidden the default constructor of structs
Package Description
Superstructs is a bunch of useful value types that fortify the source code
Provides the attributed hooks for purposes of invoking Code Generation.
C# records (immutable structs and classes) analyzer and code fix to create Constructor and `With` method. Installs as a development dependency.
.NET Standard library of simple value type related functionality.