Top 20 NuGet strategy Packages

CCXT.NET – CryptoCurrency eXchange Trading Library for .NET
Enables PocketContainer to resolve open generic types.
A convention that tells PocketContainer to choose the longest constructor that contains no primitive types (including strings, dates, and numeric types) when resolving instances of an unregistered type.
Integrates CommonProvider to Castle Windsor Ioc for resolving dependencies.
Integrates CommonProvider to Autofac Ioc for resolving dependencies.
Integrates CommonProvider to the Unity Ioc for resolving dependencies.
A convention that will resolve a type when it is the only implementation for a requested interface or abstract type that has not been explicitly registered.
Support for converting an objects properties to snake_case.
Exceptions are irrelevant, untill they occur. Then, they are absolutely central. A mundane task of adding the same behaviour of displaying the error message to the screen or logging it to file or event log is wasteful and can lead to errors. The package reduces the amount of bloat to zero using stra...
A cryptocurrency trading library with support for more than 100 bitcoin/altcoin exchanges. Uses original ccxt (python) code.
CommonProvider is a simple library that gives you an easy and consistent way of loading and accessing your providers/strategies.
A convention that will resolve classes with names ending in "Settings" using Its.Configuration.
Execution strategy allow you to handle exceptions easy and compact