Top 20 NuGet stochastic Packages

Stock Indicators for .NET. Send in historical price quotes and get back desired technical indicators such as Stochastic RSI, Average True Range, Parabolic SAR, etc. Nothing more.
Epicycle .NET math library. Includes: 2D/3D geometry, polygons, linear algebra, differential geometry, stochastic processes, Kalman filter. * Details & release notes: * Sources:
Highly extendable neural network framework. Allows you to customly define number of features (inputs), how many hidden layers exist and how many nodes exist on each layer, as well as how many output neurons there are.
A simple to use Genetic Algorithmic (GA) framework for finding solutions to optimization problems using metaheuristics in data lists.
Generate Group testing framework, for use in stochastic automated testing, see examples in the project for usage.
Makes it easy to define stochastic variables which can be measured.