Top 20 NuGet statemachine Packages

Finite-state machine (FSM) based workflow
Finite-state machine (FSM) pattern implementation
A simple finite state machine (FSM) with workflow character where you define your workflows in code.
Integrate RawRabbit with the Stateless StateMachine.
Simple but powerful hierarchical state machine library
An ASP.NET Core with EF Core way of leveraging tomware.Microwf.Core in a Web Api.
The Bet.Autoflow is a workflow engine. Enable business processes inside of your code.
Very simple and easy testable (TDD) hierarchical state machine. Only 3 simple steps needed. 1) Define triggers (enum) 2) Create states (IState) 3) Implement configurator (IBascoConfigurator)
This is a clone of the original stateless repository (owned by Nicholas Blumhardt), compiled for .NET 4.0. Stateless is a base for exploration of generic and functional programming to drive workflow in .NET. It allows you to state machines and lightweight state machine-based workflows directly in ...
A simple Finite State Machine library.
A simple state machine implementation. If you like NState, please add an entry to the file in the GitHub repo and open a pull request. Let's share descriptions of the cool things we are using NState for.
Staty is a smart state-machine for .NET. Written as C# portable class library (PCL), Staty comes as an expressive event-driven state-machine with features like concurrence-safety, external and interal events, separate classes per state, entry and exit actions and a fluent syntax to configure the sta...
Abodit State Machine - Source Code for a Statemachine
Used by the D-ASYNC Execution Engine.
Generate A Dot Graph from your State Machine using c#
A generic state-machine framework, with support for active/passive machines, exposed events and rich exception handling.
A simple "stateless" finite-state machine library for .NET.
State Machine with registered transitions
Base classes for state machine pattern implementation. Supports persistence to XML.