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Xamarin.iOS bindings for Cosmos library (rating control).
Simple to use Html Helper for the jQuery bootstrap-rating plug-in. Usage - @Html.BootstrapRating(m => m.Rating)[.Value][.Start]... Source - Plug-in -
Neodynamic ImageDraw SDK for .NET is the definitive solution for professional imaging tasks, exclusively designed for .NET developers. ImageDraw is a lightweight royalty-free .NET component (.NET DLL Class Library a.k.a. assembly) which lets you to easily add advanced Imaging Effects and Dynamic Ima...
A set of server controls (ImageDraw, ImageDrawButton, and ImageDrawMap) which generate real time on-fly Dynamic Composite Images for ASP.NET. Deliver real time dynamically generated composite images such as picture thumbnails, image buttons, image maps or any other graphical application. Main Featur...
INDILib porting to a C# DLL: automation & control of astronomical instruments
Free custom controls. Contains these controls: # RateControl