Top 20 NuGet standards Packages

General EditorConfig package from novaCapta Software & Consulting GmbH Contains a complete up-to-date set of rules and regulations with focus on our core competencies
Library containing the Ecommerce Standards Documents for handling and transferring Ecommerce data in a platform independent way.
This library contains validation methods for data which can be validated against defined ISO standards. Supported standards: ISO 6346 (BIC), ISO 27729 (ISNI), ISO 2108 (ISBN 10+13). ISO Logo copyright © ISO.
An open architecture for interoperable OWIN middleware
Package Description
This project includes standard e-documents as models, all standards are royalty-free. This project may include several versions, the last part of the namespace indicates the version of the standard.
WebApi Standards
just a group of classes that i am too lazy to rewrite, don't use these unless you know what you are doing
HTML5 Setup adds support for video, audio and font file types used by HTML5 and CSS3
Package Description
The Standards and Innovations teams, Information Security, and various SMEs, have created a Development Standards Package to help us follow best practices and aid in our consistency efforts across the IT organization. The included HTML 5 and related standards put us in a position to develop multi-de...
Test Package
This contains interfaces and helper classes for applying C# patterns to your own code. Commonly Used Types: - IBuilder - ISubscriber - Observable - Unsubscriber
Grpc Standards
A .NET Standard 2.0 library that enables checking terms and abbreviations for existence against a glossary of approved terms and abbreviations. In addition, the glossary has methods to abbreviate terms or expand abbreviations based on the GlossaryItems in the glossary. It was designed for checking d...