Top 20 NuGet sse Packages

Lib.AspNetCore.ServerSentEvents is a library which provides Server-Sent Events (SSE) support for ASP.NET Core
IEX Cloud API for C# and other .net languages. Supports SSE streaming
Parallel high performance cross-platform C#/.NET algorithms. 20+ algorithms with familiar interfaces and examples. Multi-core and data parallel (SIMD/SSE). Open source and free. See project Readme, blog and videos...
A self-hosted, easy to use realtime database
Redis sync module for SapphireDb
Http sync module for SapphireDb
With all answers see documentation or ask on gitter or github issues
SimdJson: Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second. C# version of Daniel Lemire's SimdJson (written in C).
Server-Sent Events (SSE) client implementation for .net core and .net standard
Eventsource for .net. Makes it simple to receive Server-Sent Events (SSE) in managed applications.
A simple utility Package that makes the XSTR Random more convenient. official client
SimdJson.Bindings: Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second. C# bindings for lemire/simdjson (written in C++).
MatrixDotNet.Extensions.Core is a extension for MatrixDotNet .NET Core 3.1 which increase perfomance with happen unsafe programming and SIMD.
This packages allows to easy build a connector for the qlik sse api
Needletail.Mvc allows you to call javascript code anywhere from your MVC project, this is allows you to tell the client(browser) to call some function when an event occurs on the server's code in real time. Only works with MVC 4 and with browsers that support SSE.
Yeppp! is a multi-platform high-performance SIMD-optimized mathematical library. Yeppp! provides optimized operations on vectors, such as vector addition, dot product, sum of absolute values, or exponential of vector elements. This is a multi-platform CLR bundle which internally contains platform...
SSE Push Library for NEC BaaS SDK
Server-Sent Event implementation for ASP.NET WebApi.
ServerSentEvents is a client library for Server-Sent Events (SSE).