Top 20 NuGet sqlclient Packages

SkyAPM.Diagnostics.SqlClient notifies outgoing SqlClient requests.
.NET library with common methods for simplified data access, data table arrangements and data IO
Kode-Aid shared SQL cache library.
SkyWalking.Diagnostics.SqlClient notifies outgoing SqlClient requests.
SQL Server management classes and data adapter extensions.
Displays a SqlCommand as a full SQL string with all parameters inline. Makes it easy to debug (copy paste to db tool). Please submit pull requests on GitHub.
OrmLite for SqlServer with Microsoft.SqlServer.Types
OrmLite for SqlServer
Use Microsoft SQL in a more easy, clean & fast way.
Base class to setup testing SQL interaction without databases using System.Data.Fakes and Moq
Simple fakes for testing SQL interaction without databases
Extension methods to simplify working with SQL: running commands and queries, and reading data sets
Simplifies SQL database querying a bit
IDbProviderFactories implementation for .Net Core.
A SqlClient implementation of the security providers.
A slimmed down, cloud optimized version of System.Data.SqlClient that focuses on performance and size over backwards compatibility.
Simple, intuitive and logical every-day-usage additions to the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 and newer. Follows the same namespace structure already found in the .NET Framework.
SQL Server ErrorLog Provider for ELFAR.
SQL Server ErrorLog Provider for ELFAR (WebApi).
SQL Server ErrorLog Provider for ELFAR (MVC+WebApi).