Top 20 NuGet soundcloud Packages

ASP.NET Core security middleware enabling SoundCloud authentication.
Full featured SoundCloud API wrapper
A C# api for SoundCloud that also contains a proxy
Library to authenticate Xamarin Forms apps against OAuth providers
Used to pull tracks, users, playlists, and more from SoundCloud.
A library that wraps the SoundCloud Api in a fluent interface.
Core package used by SoundByte apps and backend website.
A music progress bar view that loads music file data then shows it in visualizer bar like SoundCloud
SoundCloud SDK Xamarin bindings (Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS)
A versatile pipelining library, created with media organization in mind and meant to be run as a service.
Catharsis.Web.Widgets 2.8.0 Catharsis.Web.Widgets is ASP.NET MVC tag library, which provides useful social media widgets to include on web pages of your site. Web widgets are implemented as C# POCO objects that implement System.Web.IHtmlString and provide convenient fluent interface to work with. ...
.NET API implementation Check out full description here:
A jQuery plugin for adding play, pause, skip, previous, and volume controls for the SoundCloud HTML5 embedded player to a webpage.
An extension for the versatile pipelining library TicTacTube, that allows the integration of soundcloud. Creating new Soundcloud API-keys is currently disabled, therefore this API uses web parsing which may be against soundcloud's terms of service. Only use with soundclouds written permission.