Top 20 NuGet soundcloud Packages

Full featured SoundCloud API wrapper
A versatile pipelining library, created with media organization in mind and meant to be run as a service.
An extension for the versatile pipelining library TicTacTube, that allows the integration of soundcloud. Creating new Soundcloud API-keys is currently disabled, therefore this API uses web parsing which may be against soundcloud's terms of service. Only use with soundclouds written permission.
Used to pull tracks, users, playlists, and more from SoundCloud.
ASP.NET Core security middleware enabling SoundCloud authentication.
A music progress bar view that loads music file data then shows it in visualizer bar like SoundCloud
Catharsis.Web.Widgets 2.8.0 Catharsis.Web.Widgets is ASP.NET MVC tag library, which provides useful social media widgets to include on web pages of your site. Web widgets are implemented as C# POCO objects that implement System.Web.IHtmlString and provide convenient fluent interface to work with. ...
Library to authenticate Xamarin Forms apps against OAuth providers
A library that wraps the SoundCloud Api in a fluent interface.
Core package used by SoundByte apps and backend website.
SoundCloud SDK Xamarin bindings (Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS)
.NET API implementation Check out full description here:
A jQuery plugin for adding play, pause, skip, previous, and volume controls for the SoundCloud HTML5 embedded player to a webpage.