Top 20 NuGet solar Packages

A simple library designed to assist with geographic coordinate conversions, formatting and location based solar and lunar information.
Calculates the sunrise and sunset for a given date and location (using Geographic Coordinates). This library uses the method outlined NOAA Solar Calculations Day spreadsheet found at Calculations are based on the book "Astronomical Algorith...
This class library provides a way to call the Sonnen Portal RESTful JSON interface. It encapsulates all authentication, retry and parsing logic and provides a strongly typed method interface.
AstroAlgo is an astronomical algorithms library, written in .NET Core. It can be used to calculate astronomical data, like equator and ecliptic coordinate, planet rise and set time, elevation angle and so on. Planets data are based on the planetary theory VSOP87.
A .NET wrapper library built around the API of the popular service
Convert Gregorian date to Kollavarsham date and vice versa (Stability: Stable)
[JAVASCRIPT library]Convert Solar Hijri date time to Gregorian date time and the other way around
A library for reading realtime data from Fronius Inverters
NuGet package for functionality for estimating profits/losses given a solar array proposal. The package attempts to answer the question of "With a proposal of x kw generation/year, at y per month, for z years, at what point during the financing terms do the solar panels become cheaper than not havi...
With this package you can convert units of area, time, electric current, length, pressure, temperature and time.
.NET library for calculating sun/moon positions and phases. Ported from the SunCalc JavaScript library.