Top 20 NuGet snowflake Packages

MSBuild properties and targets for building Snowflake modules.
The CData Snowflake Provider allows you to use standard drivers to access data from the Snowflake database.
Unofficial .NET client for Snowflake REST API. Provides straightforward and efficient way to execute SQL queries in Snowflake and automatically map response to your models.
Twitter的分布式全局唯一ID算法,雪花(snowflake)算法。支持.NET Core 2.0。 Twitter's snowflake for .net core.
Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net Core
Snowflake C# API Unit Tests
Snowflake Services Assembly
Snowflake C# API Implementation Library
Package Description
Snowflake Framework Base Common Dependencies Targets
Snowflake StandardAjax Endpoints (use with snowflake.js)
Snowflake API C# Interface Library
Xamarin.Android Binding for Jamshid Mamatkulov's WinterLayout, a winter theme view with the help of y = a*sin(x) function
Package Description
Snowflake InputManager helper (DirectInput)
Snowflake C# API Events Framework
Extends ADONetHelper library to Snowflake
Id Generator algorithm by MeiTuan Leaf
Tools and extensions for working with primitives such as Sha1, DistributedId and BitOps.