Top 20 NuGet sln Packages

Customizable VisualStudio .sln parser, Complex support of the projects (.vcxproj, .csproj., …), Pluginable lightweight r/w handlers at runtime, and more … 1. 🌌 We're providing most convenient work with projects, their dependencies, their lazy loading, any folders, any items, references, an...
A CLI tool used for generating solution files.
Small library to generate, query, and modify VS.Net solution and csproj files
Msbuild targets to compile and build VcxProjs using GCC with dotnet in Windows and Linux. With this tool nuget package you can target any build server and your .sln just works fine.
Sln.launcher is a dotnet tools allows you to launch Visual Studio with a .sln file from a command prompt in the current directory. In the case of several available files, the user is asked to select one.
Parse sln files
A command line utility to set the default StartUp project of a Visual Studio solution file
A .NET library to set the default StartUp project of a Visual Studio solution file
Creates "Shared.props" file at the solution level, which can be used to specify massive changes to all the projects within a solution. Example scenarios: - specify assembly signing properties using the same *.snk file - set CopyLocal to False for certain references - enforce the same StyleCop or Fx...
...description will be provided later
A library for assisting with manipulating .NET solution and project files.
A library used for generating solution files.