Top 20 NuGet slice Packages

Provides support for compiling Slice source files (.ice files) in MSBuild projects
Charts is a set of full-sized charts that provide rich visualization for quantitative data in WPF applications. It's designed to make even the most complex data readable. Many chart types are supported, from basic line and bar charts to stacked area charts. The chart control includes numerous usefu...
Event based Activity based on time-slices with dependencies
Some vertical slice architecture tools like validators, converters, etc.
PivotData OLAP library: in-memory multidimensional dataset for data aggregation, roll-up, slice and dice, pivot table data calculation.
[Experimental] Add support for OperationResults to the Vertical Slice pipeline.
Array Slice allows to build memory shared arrays with the same syntax as an array and still retain the performance of using raw arrays. We modify the IL to make sure you can squeeze all the performance that it is available to you.
Slices of arrays and buffers
A .NET library designed to give you more flexibility in manipulating collections, originally inspired by Python slicing feature.
Loads various data in three dimensional arrays and slices them on each axis
A better ArraySegment
LINQ operators to enable C# 8.0 index and range new features working with LINQ queries and any type that implements IEnumerable<T>.