Top 20 NuGet skin Packages

Contains some simple and commonly used WPF controls based on HandyControl
styles and controls for your WPF applications without need WinRT. NOTE: This version is an unofficial version of the ModernWPF
Google's Material Design for your windows forms. MaterialSkin 2 is a Google's Material Design skin for you windows forms app. This updated version brings new user controls, unified theming and consistency. This package supersedes the MaterialSkin package By IgnaceMaes. Example app and documentation ...
A simple theme based on Visual Studio 2015
A simple theme based on Visual Studio 2015
A wrapper library for Mojang API. Used to authenticate user, manage skins and getting data such as statistics, profiles, and API status.
Set of controls and skins for WPF applications. Demo on GitHub :
A WPF theme which will make an application look like Blend
A WPF friendly port of the tango icon theme. Scalable SVG icons have been converted into XAML. Icons are embedded as the optimized BAML format, resulting in faster loading and a much smaller file size (about 1/2 of raw XAML, and 1/3 of raw SVG). The "LazyConverter" class does lazy intialization and ...
Simple C# library to detect percentage of skin in image. It use opencv and OpenCVSharp to do this (CvAdaptiveSkinDetector).
Auto bundling and minification for ASP.NET MVC applications.
山东海天学院 宋兴柱 主题库