Top 20 NuGet skewworks Packages

Collection of GUI controls for NETMF.
Tools for launching apps in new AppDomains
Tool for loading drivers on GHI Mainboards
Custom file format support for usage with with embedded NETMF libraries and applications
A set of classes, events and enumerations for helping create GUI applications in NETMF quickly.
Provides hardware abstraction for modules and mainboards
Tools for launching apps in new AppDomains
Cross domain persistent display management, theming, colors and fonts. Includes Image32 support.
SQLite based registry system.
XML based registry system.
Extensions for common Bitmap, DateTime, FileStream, Numeric and String methods. Includes StringSorter.
Includes log file (DataLogger), flushing, recursive directory creation, emulator FS prep.
Basic NETMF GUI types Rect, Size Point
Loads XML files into an object hierachy, allows inserting, updating, deleting and saving.