Top 20 NuGet size Packages

Low level primitives for use across Six Labors projects.
Editors contains part-based and masked editors for everything from date/time to currency entry, with unique designs that are specifically crafted to support input by keyboard, mouse, touch, and pen in WPF applications. Edit box controls support .NET data types input such as dates, times, numbers, b...
Image Size (image-size) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
AltoMultiThreadDownloadManager provides fast and easy management multithreading download
Xamarin (Android/iOS/Windows Store and Phone and UWP) plugin to determine screen size
A 2D spatial math primitives.
Extended collection of packages that provide common structures, extensions, and helpers that can be used across many libraries, and applications.
This package includes Windows.Foundation like APIs cross-platform such as: - Size for representing number values that specify a height and width. - TypedEventHandler for representing a method that handles general events.
Byte count/formatted file size parser and formatter
Window Size (window-size) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Gulp Size (gulp-size) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Generate random alphanumeric strings with options.
Gzip Size (gzip-size) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A simple object to represent the size of a file. This is super useful when converting between bytes, megabytes, gigabytes, etc. Provides nice parsing for values like '2 GB' or '1.54mb'. Also has nice formatting in its ToString method. Web Crop Image Control allows developers to build image cropping functionality easily on their projects. You can seamlessly crop images and yet provide your visitors the most user friendly web interface by simply doing drag and drop in your projects.
Builds a friendly representation of a specified byte size value, after converting it to the best matching unit (bytes, KB, MB, GB, etc.). Has various options to control the format of the outputted string. CodeBits are useful code blocks that can included in your C# projects through NuGet. Each code...
A has many convention which sets batch size to 100
Take screenshots of websites for different screen sizes to see how it looks on different devices
Xamarin Android Binding for Scalable dp