Top 20 NuGet site Packages

Multi-tenant web application foundation with management for sites, users, roles, claims, and geographic data.
Nuget Package for Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server Runtime API
Graze is a static web site generator. It takes a template and a configuration file and generates a static web site. The generated site is pure HTML / CSS / JavaScript and can be hosted on any web server. The Graze templates are created using the Razor Syntax. Use an empty Visual Studio project as a ...
Extended and typed DataTables, DataTable to Excel reporting, various graph structures, translation tables, trend estimation structures, path DOM, reporting extensions, TF-IDF corpus and document data structures, data structures for reporting and other stuff in context of imbSCI framework
Provides management capabilities for Microsoft Azure Web Sites. Deploy, configure, debug, and scale your websites using familiar APIs.
Fast Lightweight eXtensible BLog Engine
This is a set of simplest JavaScript modules that can help to you organize your framework on ASP.NET (MVC). This is just for a begin your JS-framework. For example: control DataSource - is loader that can data from web API with pager and it cat make selection.
This is a set of simplest javascript modules that can help to you organize your single page application. The set of the JavaScript-controls for Durandal JS framework.
imbSCI libraries will help you with in-code data annotation for easier reporting, some interesting data structures (like directed and free graphs, multidimensional collections…), serialization and data manipulation, script driven reporting, single-model for multiple-outputs, static web site generati...
A lightweight Android library for customizable web views
WatiN Extension é uma extensão para o WatiN (Web Application Testing In .Net) using System; using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting; using MPSC.PlenoSoft.WatiN.Extension.Util; using WatiN.Core; namespace MPSC.PlenoSoft.WatiN.Extension.Testes.Unidade { [TestClass] public class Testa...
Automatically creates macro's for MacroPartials, templates for views and doctypes from xml files containing the doctype definition.
Provides site recovery management capabilities.
An core action filter library for maintenance message handling.
Yield - The simplest ASP.NET Static Site Generator (a.k.a. flattener). You just need to make a few minor tweaks to your site configuration, and you're set to generate static HTML.
Provides Live Monitoring For a web application
An object model for the Google Site Map 0.9 standard providing strongly typed classes that can be serialized/deserializsed to XML.