Top 20 NuGet sioc Packages

SIoC.WebApi is a the dependency resolver for WebApi applications.
SIoC.NancyFx is a bootstrapper for NancyFx. This package will help you to work with NancyFx and SIoC.core IoC engine. After you install NancyFx and SIoC.core you only have to install this package and will be able to pass different interfaces to every NancyModule on the ctor.
SIoC is a small and fast IoC Engine container
With RDFSharp.Semantics it is possible to realize .NET applications capable of doing modeling, validation and reasoning with OWL-DL/SKOS ontologies
LinkedData ontologies modeled with RDFSharp.Semantics. Actual implementation includes DC, FOAF, GEO, SKOS, SIOC ontologies.