Top 20 NuGet simulate Packages

Allows you to simulate global mouse and keyboard events. Features: - Supports scan codes and multi-language input. - Supports WPF/WinForms/Console windows apps. - Supports .NET Standard, .Net Core and .Net 5. Supported OS: - Windows
Simulate Windows GamePad controller events with .NET
Automate/simulate actions with mouse and keyboard
ASP.NET Core Middleware to simulate errors in your application.
Usado para criar dados falsos para nossa aplicação. É possível criar dados falsos para. - Address - Company - CreditCard - Education - GeoLocation - Internet - Lorem - Name - PhoneNumber - etc
jQuery Simulate is a plugin to simulate browser mouse and keyboard real events. This plugin leveraged the jQuery UI Automated tests to another level, giving the possibility to create automated scripts to test UI components (drag, drop, sortables, etc).
Provides access to the Windows API Low-level input hooks and the SendInput function
Simulate Windows mouse events with .NET
Simulate Windows keyboard events with .NET
Library for keyboard and mouse input interception and simulation
A .NET 4.5 library for Windows to simulate mouse movements like clicking and scrolling the mouse wheel.