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Simplified Chinese Language Pack for the Iron OCR C# & VB.Net library. The OCR engine adds OCR functionality to Desktop, Console and Web applications. IronOCR reads Barcode and QR codes. IronOCR supports Console Applications, ASP.NET Web Applications, MVC, and Desktop Applications written in all .... infrastructure library common library dto library services library Kibot Integration Package robinhood integration library
Simplified Chinese PinYin Conversion Class Library. using System; string chineseWords = "世界你好"; string full = chineseWords.ToPinYin(); // output: SHIJIENIHAO string abbr = chineseWords.ToPinYinAbbr(); // output: SJNH
Database Connection Handler
Simplified data model used by all demo apps. It contains common concepts (Something, Person, PhoneNumber, etc) as well as application-specific concepts (ChatMessage, etc). It is intended for demo use only.
Traditional Chinese to Simplified Chinese Conversion Library and Add-In Tool provides API that converts the string between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese languages. dto library domain library common library infrastructure library robinhood integration library Historical Data Library services library