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This is library for working with Date and it's instead of System.DateTime when need Jalali date in .net applications.
string persianSampleDateString1 = "1393/08/01 21:53:26"; DateTime datetime1 = persianSampleDateString1.ToEn(); datetime1.ToFa();//1393/08/01 datetime1.ToFa("d");//93/08/01 datetime1.ToFa("D");//پنج شنبه, 01 آبان 1393 datetime1.ToFa("g");//93/08/01 21:53 datetime1.ToFa("G");//93/08/01 21:53...
Package Description
PersianDateTime class provide using jalili(shamsi) date in app while storing your date as Gregorian date. This component provide Jalili date class that sync with .net DateTime and usefull for storing Gregorian date in database and using jalili date in application.
A set of userfull methods for persian codings: -convert persian numbers to english numbers -Convert to formatted persian datetime from gregorian string/datetime -convert to formatted gregorian datetime from persian string/datetime -Building standard datetime
[JAVASCRIPT library]Convert Solar Hijri date time to Gregorian date time and the other way around
JalaliDatePicker is a complete Jalali and Gregorian date picker, with many UI facilities for best user experience in date entry. It's designated for WPF.
This package will help you to convert Gregorian Calendar to Hijri Shamsi Calendar or vice versa.
A Windows Form Component to use for persian date. It works just like the default windows DatePicker control