Top 20 NuGet shaders Packages

Assembly providing DirectX - Mathematics managed API.
Bonsai Shaders Library containing modules for dynamic control of shader primitives.
Bonsai Design Library containing editor classes for shader configuration.
Bonsai Shaders Rendering Library containing modules for rendering complex 3D scenes.
A list of cool shaders that can be used in the Stride game engine
Write your cross-platform shaders in C#.
Precompiled Shaders for Windows Phone 8.0 cocos2d-x v3
All of the core types for SharpShader. Contains everything you need to read SharpShader translation results, without requiring all of the extra dependencies.
This package contains a sample Scene that uses some very basic shaders to render sprites.
This package implements a custom sprite renderer that is able to smoothly blend between two animation frames using a shader, rather than switching between the two frames instantaneously.
This package demonstrates custom rendering setups with fullscreen post-processing effects or fixed-resolution rendering.